Soil Sterilization

What are the different ways to sterilize soil for seeds? Steam, very hot water, and chemicals, such as tear gas (chloropicrin), methyl bromide and Vapam. How does the gardener sterilize soil with steam? Make a soil pile 12 ins. deep. Place 4 ins. agricultural tile 2 ft. apart in center of pile and running full … Read more

Artificial Soil

What is “Cornell Mix” – used for starting seedlings? It is mostly horticultural-grade vermiculite plus nutrients. To make a peck of the mix, use 4 qts. of vermiculite, 4 qts. shredded peat moss, 1 teaspoonful of 20% superphosphate, 1 tablespoonful of ground limestone plus 4 tablespoonfuls of a 5-10-5 or similar fertilizer. The limestone should … Read more