Worm Composting At Home

So you want to grow lots of healthy plants but don’t want to spend money on compost or fertilizer? Maybe you would like to start a compost heap in your yard, but you live in a townhouse or apartments, and your neighbors or HOA would not approve. What to do?? Well, there is a way … Read more

Peat Moss

What is the difference in value between peat moss and peat? Between domestic and imported peat? Peat moss is moss (usually sphagnum) in an advanced state of disintegration; peat is a product of some kind of vegetation (not necessarily moss) largely decomposed. Domestic peat is usually of sedge origin, although we have some sphagnum peat … Read more

Recommended Composting Materials

Peat Moss: Peat moss derived from sphagnum bogs is perhaps the most universally available source of humus today. It is an excellent amendment for a variety of soils and kinds of plants and gardens. A neglected yet valid use for peat moss is adding it to the compost pile, not for further breakdown, which it … Read more

Cultivating Soil

What is meant by the term “in good tilth”? Soil which has suitable crumbly structure, sufficient humus, and is well drained. To help secure good tilth, use compost or peat moss or grow a green manure crop; tile if necessary. Soil is ready to be dug when a handful, firmly compressed, crumbles apart readily. If … Read more

Sulfate of Ammonia

What is sulfate of ammonia used for? This is used as a source of nitrogen. It contains about 20% nitrogen. When should sulfate of ammonia be used? How much? This is a good fertilizer to use when nitrogen is required. Apply about 5 to 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Is ammonium sulfate best spread … Read more

How to Modify Soil pH

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where slightly more acidic or basic soil conditions would be ideal. This can be done quite easily by changing the pH. To increase the pH reading of light sandy loams one full point (e.g., from 5.5 to 6.5) apply 35 lbs. of ground limestone (agricultural limestone) to 1,000 … Read more