Using Cottonseed Meal as Fertilizer

What nutrients does cottonseed meal contain? Cottonseed meal contains approximately 7% nitrogen, 2.5% phosphoric acid, and 1.5% potash. How long does it take for cottonseed meal to mix with soil? Part of the nitrogen and other essential elements of cottonseed meal are readily available; the remainder becomes available more slowly. On what plants can cottonseed … Read more


Is there any way to add phosphorus to soil without using commercial fertilizer? Yes, in the form of pulverized phosphate rock, bone meal, or basic slag. All may take a year or more to become available. Are the effects of superphosphate somewhat similar to those of bone meal? Yes, the effects are similar. Bone meal … Read more

Plowing and Digging Soil

When should soil be tilled or plowed? Any time of year when not so wet as to roll in large clods, or so dry as to be a powdery dust. Does it harm soil to work it while wet? Yes, especially if the soil is heavy. Plowing compacts such soils, and clods and unbreakable lumps … Read more