Organic Gardening Benefits and Basics

Many of us spend a lot more on groceries than we would like – more than is even necessary. Especially in these troubled economic times, it’d be great to get a break, wouldn’t it? Organic gardening is one way to save money on your grocery bill – many organic gardeners save thousands of dollars on … Read more

Building a Compost Pile

What is “compost”? Compost is the term applied to organic matter – such as leaves, weeds, grass clippings, and the like – which has been sufficiently decayed to form a light, crumbly mold. In making compost in a compost heap, soil and manure are often mixed with the vegetable matter. Should the average home gardener … Read more

Restoring Depleted or Poor Soil

Improving Depleted Soil What is the quickest way to bring an old used garden spot back into quick production? Spade in organic matter in the fall. In the spring, apply superphosphate, hoe, rake, and plant. Add complete fertilizer just before planting, and again during summer. I have been raising flowers on the same ground for … Read more