New Garden Furniture? Think Cedar

All of us have their unique opinion as to what makes great patio or deck furniture. One particular popular type is cedar garden furniture, which comes from the cedar tree, a beautiful hardwood grown in North America. Mainly used for out-of-doors, this type of garden furniture is made of high grade western red cedar. With constant changes in the weather from hot sunny days to soaked rainy days, people are concerned about how well garden furniture will be able to handle them. Virtually any section of garden furniture could possibly be damaged by the sleet, snow and hail, that also affects the northern parts of America.

Western red cedar was created for outdoor furniture since the oils in the wood makes it resistant to rot and decay. Among the first pieces of furniture to use cedar was the Adirondack Chair and grew to become quite popular. It was actually proven so durable and inexpensive that the U.S. Government decided to have all park benches be made of cedar wood. The WPA, which was established during the depression, put many people to work creating these cedar benches. The cedar utilized for all these benches started from trees cut down by many young men sent into the forests, during this trying time.

Quite a few Americans have got chests made of cedar which has been around for generations. These cedar chests kept mold and mildew from developing and ruining anything that was placed inside it. For a lot of seamen, these chests were just like their best friend. Another use for cedar was that it was utilized to create coffins, along with pine, to bury the dead. It was actually responsible for preventing the growth of deadly disease, according to doctors in England. They believed the plague would have wiped out many more if cedar coffins were not used to bury those who were affected. Cedar has been used for the purpose of so many things by many cultures through the centuries.

No matter where you’re going, you’ll find homes that have porches or patios decorated with cedar furniture. Using a cedar patio set is something that can really make one’s home look much more relaxing. Plenty of gardens and patios may be inlaid with cedar by the American elite. Furnishings extras like serving trays and carts that you find at stores like Target or Wal-Mart are made of cedar. Cedar garden furniture can be found at retail stores like Sears and JC Pennies, and the prices are very reasonable. Websites such as the Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company likewise offer a wide selection of cedar garden furniture at great prices. This specific company will even offer to custom-build your furniture as well.

Cedar furniture is a wonderful option to make for applying to your deck or patio. The durability will enable you to have your furniture for years to come. Not only is it durable and affordable, the smell of cedar has almost a therapeutic effect on many people as well.