Flower Bed Design Ideas

A good flower bed design is easy to grow and can be done from seed or plants. Both can be purchased on line. Flowers will give a new look to your landscape.

The flower bed design is up to you, it is important to do a good job of soil preparation and to match the plants to your site. Ignoring these will end up in disappointment.

Flower gardens are a personal preference , You may like a formal look straight edge flower bed, or a more natural look with sweeping curves and a irregular mix of plants.


There are many ways to arrange plants, the only rule is that your flower garden design looks good to you. One thing to remember is most flower garden plants love sun, at least six hours per day. There are some that do well in part shade, but most need full sun to flower properly.

Don’t break the soil rule for flower gardens. The soil must be well draining, this can be done by adding sand to the soil mix. Avoid planting where there may be standing water after a hard rain and prepare you soil, add compost to it in advance of planting. This should be done in fall after growing season is over. This will prepare the soil for spring planting.

Plant your flower bed where you can see it from the patio, windows and decks. Don’t forget how the flower garden will look viewed throw a window. Also consider how your flower garden will look like to neighbors and passersby.

Lay out your flower bed design ahead of time, sketch your design on paper add color so you have some idea of what your flower garden will look like. Remember to measure the width an length.

Are you going to start your flower bed from seeds or plants, both can be purchased on line. If starting from seed this can be done in the house before spring and than moved out doors when warm enough.

Will you be planting flowers to attract butterflies or humming birds? There are flower gardens just for this purpose.

A good planned out flower bed will bring happiness to your home along with beauty and many compliments from all around.