Garden Ponds For Landscaping

The pond area and terrace with Summer House in an aquatic garden

At the base of your rock garden adding a garden pond with fish and water plants, with a fountain in the center and colored lights on the bottom shinning up will add beauty to your rock garden and landscape.

Depending on the size of garden pond you are planing, you should be able to purchase everything on line that you will need.

After you decide the size of garden pond you want you can order a pond base, the shell that will hold the water. Then you will need to pick out a pump, or fountain if you want to have running water in the pond. Again you will find just what you need on line.

Decide what type of pond you would like, you may want a flat garden pond, this is done by setting the base right on the ground and surrounding it with rocks. Or you may want a raised garden pond, pile up dirt, flattening the top, then setting the bottom of your base into the dirt, until its a snug fit. Build rocks up around the dirt mound, Plant flowers near the garden pond. With everything to be had possibilities are endless.

If you build your garden pond at the base of a rock garden it will serve two purposes, a garden pond and also water for the stream in the rock garden. All can be done with one pump.

Make sure your pond is in a shady area out of the sun or your water will turn green.

You can add fish to the garden pond, common goldfish, fancy goldfish, mullies, and koi. Common goldfish will live for many many years with general care. The size of your garden pond and water quality will determine how large your fish will grow.

Don’t place the water pump at the deepest part of the garden pond, should the fountain or the pump get turned over, and the water then is pumped out of the pond, the pond will empty. If the pump is placed on the shallow end there will still be water in the pond so your fish will survive till the problem is fixed.

Garden ponds with water hyacinths, when established, work at removing the nutrients from the water that algae thrive on and will help keep water clear.

A garden pond will add beauty and sound to your rock garden with the stream of running water into the pond.

Lighting Ideas For Gardens And Ponds

We used many different lighting ideas to create a warm glow throw out the garden and yard with solar lights and water fountains, when the lights come on after dusk and the stars come out the flowers and plants take on a new life.

Adding lights to illuminate your garden or landscape is a great way to bring all your plants, trees, and shrubs to life on a star lit night.

There are a great deal of lighting ideas to choose from that will add to the beauty of your garden or landscape, and not take away from the magic and appeal.

Portable flood lights work well and they will provide a great deal of light over the area.

Pathway lights come in many colors and shapes, you can pick the ones that blend in best with your landscape. Other lighting ideas are pagoda lighting which offers unique decor all of its own. This type of lighting idea, comes in an array of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. They stay in the ground with stakes and come in low wattage of twelve up to one hundred twenty volts.

Lighting ideas can come in themed landscaping that will appear to be part of the landscape. You can choose from birds, seashells, turtles, and frogs, each one of these great looking landscape lighting ideas, are ceramic with hidden lights inside to light the garden and landscape after dark.

Solar lighting ideas are great, not only do they add light to the landscape but they operate for free or very low cost. They collect their energy from the sun through out the day and stores it till dusk when the collected energy is converted to light. Solar lights come in many styles and shapes and all sizes to light the garden and landscape.

Lighting ideas using landscape lighting is a great way to add color and appeal to your home after dark. Most of the lights are easy to install and operate on low amounts of electricity or just solar power.

Landscape lights can be purchased on line and are available in many shapes and sizes, colors. You are sure to find just what type of lighting you need. Lighting ideas that you use will greatly add to the beauty of your home.

We used many different lighting ideas when we wanted to light up our garden at home. Different styles and colors have given our flowers, plants and bushes along with the water fountains a glow at night that give everything in the garden and yard a great new and different look.