Garden Tools

Garden And Yard Planting Tools

Garden Tools for every gardening need and a whole lot more, there are different types of shovel for all types of materials that need moving , or soil that need to be dug, hoes for weeding, spades for planting ,forks for handling weed waste, hay moving , breaking up large soil clumps and tilling.

Garden tools for every garden need, below you will find a tool to help with your garden chores. The round point shovel is a very versatile and widely used shovel, used to dig, scoop, or shovel dirt or sand. A garden shovel has the same general make up as the round point, but is smaller and lighter for light tasks.

An irrigation shovel is a garden tool again with the same general make up as the round point but with a straighter shank, used for ditch digging or planting. There is the square point shovel it has a flat head with elevated sides and is used to square off the sides and bottom of ditches, also to level, move soil and sand and shovel snow.

Another garden tool is a transplanting spade, it has a long narrow head making it ideal for digging and moving perennials with minimal disturbance of surrounding plants. Scoop shovel not much use except in the barn and moving light loads, due to the size of the scoop. It is advisable not to use this shovel on wet materials on less you want a very back ache.

Garden tools include the barn fork and spading fork, the barn fork is used to move hay, pruning, weeds, and other organic material. Spading forks can preform a

multitude of garden tasks, tilling the soil breaking up large clumps of soil, weeding large areas where there is no danger of injuring the roots of desirable plants. This garden tool comes in a wide range of sizes and handle lengths.

The garden hoe has a long handle with flat blade, set at a right angle to weed and groom the soil around shallow rooted plants. Another useful garden tool is a scuffle hoe used to cut the tops off annual weeds by moving back and forth over the soil, as a weeding hole is a two sided tool , one side a narrow hoe and the other side two or three tines for weeding. The warren hoe is used to cultivate between plants and to create furrows for planting seeds, the ears on the the back are designed to pull soil back over newly planted seeds.

Garden tools include small hand held tools, a trowel for planting bulbs and small cultivator for sit down weeding and a weeder described as a large screwdriver with a notched end. It allows you to dig down the side of tap root weeds.

Garden tools are handy for much more than just gardening.

Lawn and Garden Weed Removal Tools

One of the largest responsibilities of caring for your lawn is to make sure it stays weed free, Weeds steal the nutrient and water share from the grass an prove to be a hindrance in lawn growth.

It is a good idea to learn about lawn and garden weed removal tools. These tools work as weed killers and attack right at the root of the weeds for its complete removal. You just need to gather information about the various types and choose the one that is right for you.

Today there is a wide selection of lawn and garden weed removal tools available to preform an excellent job of weed removal leaving your lawn and garden free of dreaded weeds for less cost and labor.

Lawn and garden weed removal tools include ergonica weed twister, the ergonica weed twister has unique coiled tines that enter into the ground and completely remove weeds roots and all. There is no need to push just twist. The twister alone is twisted and easily reach under shrubs and into narrow spaces.

Ritterhouse weed twister, this is one of many lawn and garden weed removal tools that consists of a root trap with cone shape. These long lawn and garden weed removal tools have a grabbing of tap root and cutting into the branch roots.

The mister twister shear magic cutter is another of the lawn and garden weed removal tools, it is made up of UV protective polypropylene. It enables the removal of unwanted substances like weeds, lily pads, moss and more.

The corona comfort weeder, is another light weight addition to lawn and garden weed removal tools, made of polished aluminum. It weights about thirteen ounces, and offers a comfortable cushioned grip for the weeder.

Weed claw and bulb drill, this is a double duty among lawn and garden weed removal tools, this tool doe’s more than just weed. This is an easy to use tool. The stainless steel tool with its hexagonal shaped end tool works in every type of soil and is easy to clean

lawn and garden weed removal tools are great but you must remember to be careful and remove weeds at the right time an in the right manner. The aim should be to remove the flowering seeds of the weed along with the root so you have a complete removal.

Garden Shovel

There is a shovel for everyone and for every job, shovels for gardening, moving materials, shovels for digging post holes and floral shovels for delicately working in flower gardens.

A shovel is a long or short handled tool with a scooping blade, it is used to dig and move material, there several types of shovels each designed for a specific task. Some shovels used for digging earth, have foot treads on top of the blades flattened area to rest ones foot, for extra force when digging. Shovels are available in many handle lengths.

A Barn shovel is a large industrial strength shovel used for moving grain or snow, also used for cleaning up, this shovel is made with a flat leading edge and notably deep with high sides. A coal shovel used to move coal or other materials has a flat edge, and its blade is flat in the center and curved sharply at the sides. It can be purchased with a long or short handle on line.

Garden shovels are round pointed shovels with a blade of eight inches wide and twelve inches long, it is somewhat curved at the edge to help maintain the load. Floral shovels are made to move a bit more delicately within a flower bed, and so are smaller. Square point shovels, which have a flat bottom edge, are designed for collecting and lifting already loosened material not much good for digging.

A mini shovel offers the strength of a standard metal, steel or aluminum shovel at a fraction of the size. In comparison to plastic mini shovels, metal mini shovels are usually the same size and weight, but much more durable. These shovels can ease the work loads of gardeners, campers, and residents of snow covered areas, by providing them with and accessible shoveling solution.

Garden shovels are a essential gardening tool used for planting various plants, digging up or moving other plants, as well as a variety of other purposes. The garden shovel is a very versatile tool making it very popular. With a large more sharply pointed blade it is able to cut throw roots and hard ground more effectively. Spades are a type of small gardening tool some what like a shovel but for specialized use in the garden, they have a narrow head ideal for digging in between plants.

Shovels for snow have blades made of plastic or metal, some snow shovels have a flat blade while others have more of a curve from bottom to top. Shovels are designed for pushing snow as well as digging and lifting.