Herb Wheels

I would like to put plants around the spokes of an old wagon wheel that I have. How would you suggest doing this? A wagon wheel or oxcart wheel can be made the central feature of a small, formal herb garden. Select a level, sunny spot in the garden with enriched, well-prepared soil. Place the hub down into the ground and put a few plants of each variety in between the spokes. A narrow path edged with thyme can surround the wheel. Low-growing, compact plants are better for a wheel-planting than tall, straggly ones.

What culinary herbs would be best in a “wheel garden”? Thyme, chives, sage, parsley, mint, lemon-balm, French tarragon, winter savory, sweet basil, sweet marjoram, chervil. Or the wheel can be planted exclusively with low-growing varieties of thyme.

Would you suggest some fragrant herbs that would look well planted in an oxcart wheel? Lemon-verbena, mint, rosemary, rose geranium, sweet Cicely, lavender, and summery savory.