How To Grow Herbs In A Container

Herbs are good for your health and good for your soul, just like Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup. I love the challenge of growing herbs at an elevation that is above 7000 feet. Gardening at this altitude can really sharpen your attitude.

Herbs can be grown in most any container that is large enough to support the herb your and has good drainage as herbs do not like “wet feet”. You can use your imagination as to the types of containers you would enjoy. ..check out flea markets and yard sales for something creative and unique to show off your container herb garden. I personally have converted by window box planters into miniature herb gardens and what a delight when the windows are open and there is a gentle movement of air that will catch the aroma of the herbs, filling my home with delicious fragrances that one can almost taste but can’t quite distinguish. This is the fascinating charm about growing herbs in a container. They can be grown everywhere and anywhere. If you want a splash of color, slip in some Dwarf Marigolds, Pansies or maybe a Johnny Jump- up or two. It is your container garden and your space to have fun with. Can you visualize a hanging basket full of Geraniums with Thyme and Rose and mary growing in it. One can inter-plant being careful to keep moisture and soil needs the same. The ideas for herb container gardening are limitless.

The herb container garden can be grown in pots on a plant stand, urns on your steps, hanging baskets or even a basket ..remember it is your garden. They are compact and will do well on patios, apartment balconies, and back yard porches (when placed by your kitchen door , herbs can be picked fresh to enhance a salad or maybe a pot of soup you are brewing up). Container gardening is an excellent way to grow if you are limited on space or have soil that needs a lot of amendment added. Containers allow you to control the soil and growing conditions. Even if you have great top soil, herbs are so convenient to have in pots and your can decorate any area you choose with an assortment of herbs. They effort put forth is well worth it.

Late Summer brings another fun thing to do with your herb garden, HARVEST TIME. Pick your bounty, dry and seal in airtight containers. There is something so rewarding when you take stock of your dried herbs and know you are ready for winter snows, oven baked roasts, hot soups and gourmet casseroles seasoned with your own herbs.

If you are fortunate enough to have windows facing the South for some winter sun or an area with a grow light, many of your herbs can be brought indoors and will enable you to have fresh herbs year round. I do parsley, rosemary, oregano, and sweet marjoram in my large cup and saucer herb garden container. I have just a little south facing window, but they do well. It is amazing how just a pinch of fresh herbs change the flavor of an ordinary meal into one the is simply “EXTRA- ORDINAIRE”.

I hope sharing with you about herb gardening in containers will inspire you to try it. The links posted here are full of fabulous ideas and products. Have fun, enjoy container gardening and know that what you are growing is healthy and good food. Pursue the health advantages to seasoning with fresh herbs. I love growing herbs from Organic Seed and using unique pots plus the proper soil to keep my herb garden happy.