Mossy Soil Problems

The soil turns green in one of my perennial garden beds. What is the best way to remedy this condition?

As it is probably caused by poor drainage and lack of aeration, improve the drainage by one of the methods previously suggested. Moss usually means a soil low in fertility. Add organic matter and fertilizer.

What kind of fertilizer should be used when the soil is heavy and has green top coating?

See answer to above question.

What is the cause, and what is the remedy, for soil that has a green moss-like formation over the top?

See answer to above question.

Does green moss growing on the soil in the border indicate an acid condition of the ground?

No. It usually indicates poor drainage or lack of fertility. If it is a green scum (algae), excess nitrogen (especially if from organic sources) and poor aeration may be responsible.

How can I overcome excessive moss on a slope?

Usual reasons for the excessive growth of moss are poor under-drainage and infertile soil. Rake out as much moss as possible, apply compost or organic matter, and maintain fertility by applying fertilizer rich in nitrogen in the spring and fall.

What is the best type of fertilizer for soil which has not had previous nourishment and which contains a large percentage of clay?

Although it’s sunny it tends to become mossy. Tile drain the garden plot; incorporate compost or organic matter; add commercial fertilizer suitable to the crop to be grown.

I have a strip of soil a few feet wide where everything dies that is planted. Why?

May be due to packing of soil by constant walking. Try aerating by adding screened cinders or coarse sand. The trouble may also be caused by the application of some toxic weed killer.