The Benefits of Indoor Vegetable Gardening

The Benefits of Indoor Vegetable Gardening
Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Living in apartments or cramped condominiums can limit many activities, but indoor vegetable gardening provides the joy of gardening and fresh vegetables to those who do not even have a yard. All that will be required is a sunny location such as window or patio door, containers, soil and vegetable seeds.

There can be nothing more pleasurable for meals than freshly picked vegetables. The flavor and nutrients of just picked are much more intense and enjoyable than any vegetable found in bins of the grocery store. Even canned or frozen vegetables lack the high quality of produce that goes straight from the vine to the plate. Though many people who live in high rise apartment buildings may think they have no choice but to settle for produce that has been processed or stored, nothing could be further from the truth. They can have fresh foods, by growing them in their homes.

Vegetables require a few things to thrive and produce high yields; good soil, adequate sun, regular watering and a little care. While most people consider gardening to be an outdoor activity, all of this can easily be accomplished inside the home. Using containers with good drainage, just about any vegetable plant will flourish indoors as long as their few requirements are met. The benefits are cleaner air within the home (green plants remove harmful chemicals from the environment), the natural beauty that greenery provides and fresh vegetables within an arm’s reach of the dinner table.

To begin creating your own indoor vegetable gardening adventure, choose containers of the appropriate size to hold the mature plants. Avoid overcrowding, as this will limit the amount of vegetables produced. It is often wiser to purchase plants as opposed to planting seeds for plants such as tomatoes and peppers, as too many plants within the container will cause overcrowding and thinning them will simply result in waste. Foods such as lettuce, spinach and scallions can be planted closer together. A rich potting mixture will provide the nutrients the growing plants will need. Simply place the prepared containers near a sunny location and wait for the vegetables to begin to appear.

By deciding to start indoor vegetable gardening, you will be investing in the health of yourself and your family. Fresh, nutritious and organic produce served directly from the vine will taste incredibly delicious and provide vital minerals, nutrients and vitamins. The best part? You’ll never even have to leave your home.