Windowsill Herb Garden

Making an own windowsill herb garden is a great idea, since you can simply snip some oregano or basil by only heading at your window.

Most Popular Indoor Herbs

Most of culinary herbs that are usually used in many recipes can easily be grown indoors as long as they get enough light and regular watering. Basil can be started from seed and placed in the full sunlight in the window. Oregano is similar to Basil that loves full-sunlight at your window, but it is actually better to start this herb from a cutting. Fill your garden with enjoyable culinary herbs like rosemary, sage and parsley is also a good idea to get their pretty, aromatic and function.

Planting Basics

The herb garden can be created in one long container or many kinds of pots depend on your needs and the plants you are growing. Don’t forget that the container must be at least six inches deep to allow the well-grown of its root. Apply a standard potting soil for your garden to gain the best result. Remember that a soilless mix will prevent some plant diseases. Or you can apply a combination of equal parts potting soil, such as compost and vermiculite or sand to obtain better results.

If your plants do not get enough sunlight, you can use florescent lighting to help your plants grow well. Herbs do not love much moisture; they love drainage, so just water them scarcely. Because your plants will not be fed by nutrients in the earth, you will also be able to fertilize your herbs every month to extend the growth and its health. It is a good idea if you transfer your plants outdoors throughout the late spring and summer months and then move them back inside when the cold weather comes again.

Fresh herbs can absolutely savory many favorite dishes, either marinade in barbecue time or seasoning the winter dishes. You can simply purchase starter plants and transfer them into your own pots for those which can’t successfully start by seed. But for Basil and other herb plants that can be started by seed, you can simply spread out the seed. Enjoy your bounty.