Working with Sandy Soil

We have a sandy lot and wish to enjoy good results. Should we put black topsoil on?

Yes. Extremely sandy soil needs loam but also plenty of organic matter.

What depth of topsoil should we use on sandy ground?

Add 3 inches of loam and spade to a depth of 6 inches. However, without additional organic matter, on very sandy soil, loam is usually lost by being washed down into the sand.

My front yard is mostly sand. What flowers would be best to plant?

Portulaca, California-poppy, annual phlox, calliopsis, cockscomb, morning glory, anthemis, milkweed, aster, baby’s breath, liatris, yucca. To remedy the situation, add manure and fertilizer.

How can we make a vegetable garden on pure sand?

The only way this is possible is in raised beds made out of 2 x 12 plants for sides. Lay plastic and set the beds, usually 3 ft. by 12 ft., on this base. Fill with a good loam. If soil is heavy, punch holes in the plastic.

Our soil is sandy. How can we grow good roses? Add manure or peat moss. Keep soil fertilized and water heavily when necessary. Plenty of organic matter will be needed or roses will do poorly.

Our soil (on river front) is solid sand. Would surfacing it with black dirt be sufficient for planting fruit trees?

No. A very large hole should be dug for each tree, and filled with good soil in which to plant.

What would you suggest for a home garden at the seashore where there is a lot of sand?

Additions of organic matter, such as manures, seaweed, peat moss, will help, although it would be better to mix some loam with the sand. Also dig under green cover crops.

I have a piece of very sandy land and wish to grow excellent corn. Can it be done?

Yes, manure heavily or apply organic materials as recommended above; also apply a complete fertilizer several times during growing season.

Our soil is all gravel. How can I adjust this for growing vegetables?

Add mixture of loam and manure to a depth of 3 inches, and spade to a depth of 6 inches.

What is the best way of keeping land in shape for vegetables?

The soil is light and sandy but well drained. Spade in manure every fall. Keep well fertilized and properly cultivated.

Our soil is very sandy and is acid. What can we do so we can grow a vegetable garden?

Increase the organic content of the soil by incorporating green manure crops, farm manures, or other non-acid materials such as leaves, straw, plant refuse, or non-acid peat. Apply lime as needed to modify the acidity.

Our Long Island soil is very sandy; my vegetables are never much of a success. Is this because of the soil?

No matter how much topsoil we put on, it sinks in. Add loam and plenty of organic matter. A 3-inch layer should be spaded to a depth of 6 inches. Any vegetable can be grown if well watered and fertilized.

Our soil is sandy; fertilizer seems to cause worms in the underground vegetables. Is this due to the soil?

The soil is infested with wireworms. Apply 2 lbs. of a 5% chlordane dust per 1,000 sq. ft. of soil surface. Work well into upper 6 inches of the soil. If there is objection to chlordane, Morraw Meal, a toxic organic plant product, can be used instead.

My ground is sandy. What is the best vegetable to plant?

Any vegetable will grow in sandy soil if fertilized frequently. Apply fertilizer high in phosphorus and potash.