Using LED Lights in Your Hydroponic Garden

You have many options when providing light to your hydroponic system. Natural lighting is by far the least expensive option; since, after all, the sun is free! But many people at one time or another will grow under artificial lights to save the plants from a sweltering summer or frigid winter or to experiment with … Read more

Urban Hydroponics

One of the many advantages of hydroponic gardens is their versatility- hydroponic gardens can be produced on balconies and kitchen counters with great success. However, these hobbyist set-ups remain relatively limited and certainly aren’t enough to feed an entire family. Community gardens are pretty standard in urban areas and large cities but still too small … Read more

Tips for Purchasing Hydroponic Gardening Supplies

Hydroponic gardening refers to a method of gardening that raises plants in a growing medium besides soil. Because of its nature, this type of gardening can be done in summer or winter, in the home or out. To a person just beginning to discover hydroponic gardening, it can seem overwhelming to figure out what supplies … Read more

Grow Natural With Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

Organic foods have become very popular with a growing awareness of the harmful effects of too many chemicals in our food. Part of the philosophy behind organic farming is a method of agriculture that does not impact the Earth. In this respect, hydroponics is the perfect way to farm. It does not use soil, so … Read more

Hydroponic – Dutch Bucket System

Although you can grow virtually anything in a hydroponic system, even the most devout hydroponics fans have to admit that some plants are easier than others. Leafy, green plants, like lettuce, are by far the easiest to grow. They will thrive in practically any system they’re planted in. Growing fruits and vegetables akin to tomatoes … Read more

Hydroponics – Questions and Answers

What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is most commonly referred to as “the cultivation of plants in water.” However, studies have shown that various inorganic media, such as Rockwool, vermiculite, gravel, or sand which allow the liquid nutrients to circulate the plant roots, can also support the plant’s growth. As such, the definition of hydroponics has more … Read more