Plowing and Digging Soil

When should soil be tilled or plowed? Any time of year when not so wet as to roll in large clods, or so dry as to be a powdery dust. Does it harm soil to work it while wet? Yes, especially if the soil is heavy. Plowing compacts such soils, and clods and unbreakable lumps … Read more

Using Sewage Sludge as Fertilizer

The dried and pulverized sludge from sewage-disposal plants is used as a fertilizer not only for lawns and flowers but vegetables as well. Therefore, would not the liquid and sludge from septic tanks, after it has passed from the first compartment and just before it passes into the third or final compartment, be a good … Read more

Tulip Plant Bulbs

Tulip plants are the jewel of spring gardens. Tulips are available in a huge range of flower shapes,sizes,and colors. They bring a good feeling to all who see them blooming. Tulip plants from stately formal plantings to naturalized woodland areas, there are tulip plants for every garden setting. Tulip plants grow best in areas where … Read more

Soil Sterilization

What are the different ways to sterilize soil for seeds? Steam, very hot water, and chemicals, such as tear gas (chloropicrin), methyl bromide and Vapam. How does the gardener sterilize soil with steam? Make a soil pile 12 ins. deep. Place 4 ins. agricultural tile 2 ft. apart in center of pile and running full … Read more

Artificial Soil

What is “Cornell Mix” – used for starting seedlings? It is mostly horticultural-grade vermiculite plus nutrients. To make a peck of the mix, use 4 qts. of vermiculite, 4 qts. shredded peat moss, 1 teaspoonful of 20% superphosphate, 1 tablespoonful of ground limestone plus 4 tablespoonfuls of a 5-10-5 or similar fertilizer. The limestone should … Read more

Inorganic Fertilizers

What is inorganic fertilizer? An inorganic fertilizer is one derived from mineral or chemical substances, such as phosphate rock, potash salts, and nitrate salts (nitrate of soda). What is a chemical fertilizer? A chemical fertilizer is one derived from chemically processed or manufactured materials, rather than from natural organic substances. The term is somewhat misleading … Read more