Outdoor Stone Wall Gardens

What exposure for a wall garden? Eastern, except for shade-loving plants such as ramonda, haberlea, Saxifraga sarmentosa, English ivies, and certain ferns. For these a northern exposure. What is the best type of rock for a wall garden? For an informal effect, any natural, porous rock with a good facing surface; squarish pieces, such as … Read more

Fences, Gates, and Walls

Is a wattle fence appropriate for the home garden? Yes, they are excellent for screening of the small garden utility area to give privacy. They are made of thin split saplings and are quite durable. I have a horizontal clapboard fence but it looks rather monotonous in design. What can I do to make it … Read more

Espalier Trees and Plants

What is an espalier? It is a plant that has been trained by special pruning to grow all in one plane, against a wall or fence. The old-world practice is now returning as a popular hobby and is an easy way of making dull, monotonous walls look most interesting. What are some plants that can … Read more

Landscaping Ideas and Benefits

A professionally landscaped lawn is the dream of many homeowners, but alas few of those homeowners feel they can afford the sometimes costly bills that go with hiring a professional landscaper. What they may not realize is that for just the cost of supplies and perhaps some simple instruction, a beautifully landscaped lawn may be … Read more

Landscaping Evergreens

Choosing Evergreens for planting it is important to remember to choose the right evergreen trees or evergreen shrubs for the amount of space you have with out becoming over come by them Evergreens can add beauty to your landscape if done well. Planting and caring for evergreens takes time , so it is important to … Read more

Inorganic Fertilizers

What is inorganic fertilizer? An inorganic fertilizer is one derived from mineral or chemical substances, such as phosphate rock, potash salts, and nitrate salts (nitrate of soda). What is a chemical fertilizer? A chemical fertilizer is one derived from chemically processed or manufactured materials, rather than from natural organic substances. The term is somewhat misleading … Read more