Landscaping Evergreens

Choosing Evergreens for planting it is important to remember to choose the right
evergreen trees or evergreen shrubs for the amount of space you have with out becoming over come by them Evergreens can add beauty to your landscape if done well.

Planting and caring for evergreens takes time , so it is important to make sure you choose the right plants for your yard, No the two basic pieces of information, first know how much space or room you want to fill with the evergreens, and second you need to be sure the type of evergreens you choose will be right for the climate and soil conditions to grow properly. Learning what your evergreens will need will save you time and money.

Your first consideration when picking out evergreens is how will they look in your landscape, you need to know size when fully grown ,shape, color, and texture before you buy and plant.

Pines, spruce,fir, and arborvitaes are very showy when frosted with snow or new spring growth. Spruce, fir, and arborvitaes are pyramid shaped evergreens that may cover a circle of twenty to thirty feet when fully grown. Pines are also a pyramid shaped evergreen often losing its lower branches leaving open space underneath, the roots fill a large circle under the foliage and make it hard to grow grass or other plants underneath.

Most homes have limited space for evergreen trees this big so a good choice would be smaller up right junipers or columnar arborvitaes because they are more in scale with home sites . These evergreens mature at twenty to thirty feet and only spread five to ten feet.

Evergreen shrubs require careful spacing , since they are planted close to doors, walks and foundations of the house. Juniper shrubs can spread five to six feet in a few years, a skandia juniper at about eighteen inches high is better for under windows. Japanese yews if pruned tightly to keep at desired height and width are great for landscaping.

Round arborvitaes are another great evergreen to use because of there smaller size. It is important to remember which evergreen trees or shrubs will fill your space without over coming the landscape or become a pruning problem.

The different colors and textures of foliage, bark, cones and berries also should be considered when picking out evergreens. There are silvery blue juniper, dark green Japanese yews, with the female plant bearing red berries in fall and winter. Dark green spruce or balsam are very pleasing when snow covered, and scotch pine with there cinnamon orange bark and bluish green needles are very pretty summer or winter. Mixing the colors of evergreens will be very pleasing to the viewers eye.

Evergreens can bring a landscape to life if planted with your space in mind and the colors blending together.