Garden Ponds For Landscaping

The pond area and terrace with Summer House in an aquatic garden

At the base of your rock garden adding a garden pond with fish and water plants, with a fountain in the center and colored lights on the bottom shinning up will add beauty to your rock garden and landscape. Depending on the size of garden pond you are planing, you should be able to purchase … Read more

Complete Commercial Fertilizers

What are the principles of fertilization? Stated briefly, fertilization is practiced to supply the necessary essential elements to secure a normal growth of the plant. What is commercial fertilizer? The term “commercial fertilizer” applies to any carrier of essential nutrient elements, that is sol (by itself or mixed with other such carriers) commercially. How can … Read more

Soilless Culture

What is water culture? Growth of plants in a watertight container filled with a weak solution of fertilizer salts. What is sand culture? Growth of plants in a container of sand through which a weak fertilizer solution either drops continually, or is poured on at intervals. What house plants can be grown in sand culture? … Read more

Soil Alkalinity and pH

What is the best method for soil reconstruction? Our soil is of a lime structure (moderately alkaline). Our water is hard and slightly chlorinated. Compost at the rate of 1 lb. to a sq. ft. and 2-1/2 lbs. of superphosphate for each 100 sq. ft. This should be thoroughly mixed with the soil. Sow green … Read more

Using Cottonseed Meal as Fertilizer

What nutrients does cottonseed meal contain? Cottonseed meal contains approximately 7% nitrogen, 2.5% phosphoric acid, and 1.5% potash. How long does it take for cottonseed meal to mix with soil? Part of the nitrogen and other essential elements of cottonseed meal are readily available; the remainder becomes available more slowly. On what plants can cottonseed … Read more


Is there any way to add phosphorus to soil without using commercial fertilizer? Yes, in the form of pulverized phosphate rock, bone meal, or basic slag. All may take a year or more to become available. Are the effects of superphosphate somewhat similar to those of bone meal? Yes, the effects are similar. Bone meal … Read more