Mossy Soil Problems

The soil turns green in one of my perennial garden beds. What is the best way to remedy this condition? As it is probably caused by poor drainage and lack of aeration, improve the drainage by one of the methods previously suggested. Moss usually means a soil low in fertility. Add organic matter and fertilizer. … Read more

Attracting Birds And Butterflies To Your Garden

Attracting Birds Attracting birds to your garden and yards can be done by placing out feeders, seeded bells and fat blocks filled with fruit and nuts, also by placing scrap bread and cheese. You must remember that the birds also will need water year around. As food becomes more scarce more of us are putting … Read more

Garden Ponds For Landscaping

The pond area and terrace with Summer House in an aquatic garden

At the base of your rock garden adding a garden pond with fish and water plants, with a fountain in the center and colored lights on the bottom shinning up will add beauty to your rock garden and landscape. Depending on the size of garden pond you are planing, you should be able to purchase … Read more

Complete Commercial Fertilizers

What are the principles of fertilization? Stated briefly, fertilization is practiced to supply the necessary essential elements to secure a normal growth of the plant. What is commercial fertilizer? The term “commercial fertilizer” applies to any carrier of essential nutrient elements, that is sol (by itself or mixed with other such carriers) commercially. How can … Read more