Using Leaf Mold as Fertilizer

In using leaf mold as a fertilizer should it be used liberally or sparingly? Leaf mold is not a very high-grade fertilizer. It is a good soil conditioner, and as such can be used liberally – a covering 4 ins. deep is all right. What effect do pine needles have on soil? They acidify it, … Read more

Heirloom Seeds: Why Use Them and Where to Get Them

If you ask someone to picture a tomato or an apple, they usually have a pretty straightforward image in their head. There are over 10,000 varieties of apples alone though. So why do we always see the same several varieties of apple in the grocery store?The reason is that the apples in the store are … Read more

Using Manure as Fertilizer

A local riding stable gives away manure for the hauling. How can it be used in the garden? Although manure is a valuable soil amendment when composted, most riding stables spray their stalls with disinfectants, fly repellents, and other toxic chemicals. Is cow manure a good fertilizer for a vegetable garden? Not if maximum production … Read more

How To Grow Herbs In A Container

Herbs are good for your health and good for your soul, just like Grandma‚Äôs Chicken Noodle Soup. I love the challenge of growing herbs at an elevation that is above 7000 feet. Gardening at this altitude can really sharpen your attitude. Herbs can be grown in most any container that is large enough to support … Read more

Rock Gardens

Backyard Rock Gardens Rock gardens with a running stream are easier than you think to build, they will add a comforting sound and much beauty to your landscape or garden and if a pond is added use gold fish and water plants to bring more life to it. Rock gardens are frequently built in garden … Read more