Tomato Growing Tips and Techniques

One of the best plants to grow organically in your own garden is tomatoes. Growing tomatoes in pots is easy to learn and a great starter plant for anybody new to organic gardening. If you want to grow tomatoes and know absolutely nothing about it you could probably use some basic growing tips. Here are … Read more

Companion Planting Benefits and Basics

Companion planting is an organic gardening practice in which dissimilar crops are planted in very close proximity to one another. It is a central tenant of square foot gardening, which involves planting crops in square foot patches on a grid system. Square foot gardening aims to conserve space – companion planting helps conserve space as … Read more

Aquaponics: Sustainable Food Production for Anyone

Aquaponics is an innovative, super-efficient and fun method of gardening and a great way to keep some pet fish extremely happy. Gardening? Fish? What can these two things possibly have in common, you might wonder? Aquaponics is a form of hydroponics. Hydroponics is where plants are grown directly in water which is saturated with nutrients … Read more

Raised Bed Gardening: Getting Started

It can be very discouraging to have crop after crop failure due to poor soil conditions. Some regions just aren’t suited well to gardening because their soil drains improperly, but fortunately there is a simple solution – raised bed gardening. A raised bed garden is simply a garden that is grown in soil raised atop … Read more