Fences, Gates, and Walls

Is a wattle fence appropriate for the home garden? Yes, they are excellent for screening of the small garden utility area to give privacy. They are made of thin split saplings and are quite durable. I have a horizontal clapboard fence but it looks rather monotonous in design. What can I do to make it … Read more

Espalier Trees and Plants

What is an espalier? It is a plant that has been trained by special pruning to grow all in one plane, against a wall or fence. The old-world practice is now returning as a popular hobby and is an easy way of making dull, monotonous walls look most interesting. What are some plants that can … Read more

Container Herb Gardening Guide

Container herb gardening, indoor or outdoor, can be a rewarding hobby. With just a few supplies, and some attention, your container herb garden can thrive and you can begin enjoying the smells and tastes it has to offer. I can give you some pointers along the way and help your find the best supplies for … Read more

Organic Herb Seeds And Reasons Why They Are Better

You can try to purchase Organic herb seeds if you want to try another alternative to make herb garden that healthier for you. Experts stated that herb gardening, with natural fertilizers, natural weed removal technique, and organic herb seeds, is healthier for you. Genetically, non-organic seeds (modified seeds) are contradictory with Organic herb seeds. As … Read more

Windowsill Herb Garden

Making an own windowsill herb garden is a great idea, since you can simply snip some oregano or basil by only heading at your window. Most Popular Indoor Herbs Most of culinary herbs that are usually used in many recipes can easily be grown indoors as long as they get enough light and regular watering. … Read more

Container Herb Gardening for Beginners

Have you tried to grow plants before only to stand by helplessly as they wither away and die? Do you live in a small apartment and long for a garden? Are you limited to a small balcony, patio or no outside space at all? If you think you have no room, know nothing about gardening … Read more