Bulbs for Your Rock Garden

How should chionodoxa (glory-of-the-snow) be used in the rock garden? Scatter the bulbs in groups of 2 dozen or more in various places among low ground covers. They may also be used effectively beneath shrubs that may form a background to the garden. Will you give a list of crocuses suitable for the rock garden? … Read more


What leaves and petals can be used for making potpourri? Any leaves or petals that have a pleasing fragrance may be used. Some of the best are rose, lavender, lemon-verbena, jasmine, marigold, stock, mignonette, heliotrope, violet, geranium, rosemary, lemon-balm, mint, southernwood, santolina, pink, wallflower, and thyme. I want to make a potpourri of rose petals … Read more

Herb Wheels

I would like to put plants around the spokes of an old wagon wheel that I have. How would you suggest doing this? A wagon wheel or oxcart wheel can be made the central feature of a small, formal herb garden. Select a level, sunny spot in the garden with enriched, well-prepared soil. Place the … Read more

Moraine Gardens

Can you explain what a moraine garden is? How is it made? A moraine is constructed for the purpose of growing certain alpine plants from high altitudes. The garden contains little or not soil, the growing medium being mostly stone chips and shale. The important factor is water. The most complete moraines have cool water … Read more

Meadow Wildflower Gardens

Can you give me some pointers on planning and setting out a meadow wild garden? The meadow where wildflowers are to be grown should be open, sunny, and preferably fenced with either a rustic fence or rock wall. The soil for common meadow flowers should be dry, porous, and preferably a little sandy. Most meadow … Read more

Outdoor Stone Wall Gardens

What exposure for a wall garden? Eastern, except for shade-loving plants such as ramonda, haberlea, Saxifraga sarmentosa, English ivies, and certain ferns. For these a northern exposure. What is the best type of rock for a wall garden? For an informal effect, any natural, porous rock with a good facing surface; squarish pieces, such as … Read more