Seasonal Gardening Chores

Indoor gardening allows you to extend the growing season and have fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, but working outdoors also has its pleasures. Being close to nature, feeling the sun on your face, smelling the fragrant fall leaves in the autumn and the fresh, budding flowers in the spring. However, doing both requires more organizational … Read more

Starting Seeds Indoor For A Vegetable Garden

Having just bought my first home with a sunroom, I decided to start growing my first natural vegetable garden. Not all plants can be grown indoors, but salad greens, like lettuce, cress, or arugula, are ideal for container gardens and can easily be grown indoors in a bright sunroom or under a skylight or artificial … Read more

Worm Composting At Home

So you want to grow lots of healthy plants but don’t want to spend money on compost or fertilizer? Maybe you would like to start a compost heap in your yard, but you live in a townhouse or apartments, and your neighbors or HOA would not approve. What to do?? Well, there is a way … Read more

Bonsai For Beginners

Bonsai On A Rock

Bonsai is a fascinating and creative art form, but many people are unaware of the fact that growing indoor bonsai is not usually recommended for most varieties. Bonsai was originally intended for outdoor growth, and many of the plants purchased in stores may not fare as well indoors. A fact most may not know about … Read more

New Garden Furniture? Think Cedar

All of us have their unique opinion as to what makes great patio or deck furniture. One particular popular type is cedar garden furniture, which comes from the cedar tree, a beautiful hardwood grown in North America. Mainly used for out-of-doors, this type of garden furniture is made of high grade western red cedar. With … Read more