How to Modify Soil pH

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where slightly more acidic or basic soil conditions would be ideal. This can be done quite easily by changing the pH. To increase the pH reading of light sandy loams one full point (e.g., from 5.5 to 6.5) apply 35 lbs. of ground limestone (agricultural limestone) to 1,000 … Read more

Working with Clay Soil

What makes clay so sticky? Clay is composed of very minute particles which have a large surface to absorb water. High water content causes the stickiness. Should clay soil be worked when wet? No; never. It puddles and makes a poor environment for roots. Digging too soon in spring may make it practically useless for … Read more

Growing Herbs in Pots

Grow your own Container Herb Garden What’s so great about a container herb garden? Just about everything for lovers of easy-to-grow potted gardens filled with aromatic texture-rich foliage. Planting a container herb garden has never been easier and it’s a great way to get to know your herbs better. Whether your potted herb garden is … Read more

What is Humus?

The need for constantly replacing organic matter in soil lies in its vital role in building up the humus content. But what is humus? Actually, nobody really knows. It is somehow tied up with lignin (a substance from wood), with protein and a colloidal complex – that about states what we know about it. The … Read more

Garden Tools

Garden And Yard Planting Tools Garden Tools for every gardening need and a whole lot more, there are different types of shovel for all types of materials that need moving , or soil that need to be dug, hoes for weeding, spades for planting ,forks for handling weed waste, hay moving , breaking up large … Read more