Bog Gardens

What conditions are necessary for a bog garden? Is it different from water gardening? Generally a swampy piece of ground, not under water, but where at all times there is plenty of moisture and usually too soft to walk upon. In water gardens the plants are immersed or floating. In bog gardens, the plants grow … Read more

Peat Moss

What is the difference in value between peat moss and peat? Between domestic and imported peat? Peat moss is moss (usually sphagnum) in an advanced state of disintegration; peat is a product of some kind of vegetation (not necessarily moss) largely decomposed. Domestic peat is usually of sedge origin, although we have some sphagnum peat … Read more

Recommended Composting Materials

Peat Moss: Peat moss derived from sphagnum bogs is perhaps the most universally available source of humus today. It is an excellent amendment for a variety of soils and kinds of plants and gardens. A neglected yet valid use for peat moss is adding it to the compost pile, not for further breakdown, which it … Read more

Bonsai Gardens

Bonsai Gardening When looking at a bonsai plant, you will see that it is truly a work of art. It has been shaped through years and years of care to accomplish a desired look. Bonsai gardening is an ancient art of gardening that comes directly from Japan. Bonsai gardening in Japanese language means tray garden. … Read more

Flower Bed Design Ideas

A good flower bed design is easy to grow and can be done from seed or plants. Both can be purchased on line. Flowers will give a new look to your landscape. The flower bed design is up to you, it is important to do a good job of soil preparation and to match the … Read more

Landscaping Ideas and Benefits

A professionally landscaped lawn is the dream of many homeowners, but alas few of those homeowners feel they can afford the sometimes costly bills that go with hiring a professional landscaper. What they may not realize is that for just the cost of supplies and perhaps some simple instruction, a beautifully landscaped lawn may be … Read more