Container Gardening Supplies

People who have limited gardening space but an expansive gardening urge can find solace in container gardening. Supplies needed are really very few, yet the results can be magnificent if planned properly. There are a number of plants that do very well when grown in containers. Many people living in apartments or attached condos will … Read more

Landscaping Evergreens

Choosing Evergreens for planting it is important to remember to choose the right evergreen trees or evergreen shrubs for the amount of space you have with out becoming over come by them Evergreens can add beauty to your landscape if done well. Planting and caring for evergreens takes time , so it is important to … Read more

Growing Roses In Containers

Container Roses Container roses are a great addition to your home giving you beauty where needed. They will give your patio or porch a lift by adding color, and with some roses a sweet scent. Container might be right for you if you don’t have space or enough time to care for a garden. There … Read more

Cultivating Soil

What is meant by the term “in good tilth”? Soil which has suitable crumbly structure, sufficient humus, and is well drained. To help secure good tilth, use compost or peat moss or grow a green manure crop; tile if necessary. Soil is ready to be dug when a handful, firmly compressed, crumbles apart readily. If … Read more

The Benefits of Indoor Vegetable Gardening

The Benefits of Indoor Vegetable Gardening Indoor Vegetable Gardening Living in apartments or cramped condominiums can limit many activities, but indoor vegetable gardening provides the joy of gardening and fresh vegetables to those who do not even have a yard. All that will be required is a sunny location such as window or patio door, … Read more

Sulfate of Ammonia

What is sulfate of ammonia used for? This is used as a source of nitrogen. It contains about 20% nitrogen. When should sulfate of ammonia be used? How much? This is a good fertilizer to use when nitrogen is required. Apply about 5 to 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Is ammonium sulfate best spread … Read more