Perhaps one of the most talked about herbs is Echinacea which is quickly becoming a curative fix for the cold and flu as well as many other conditions. This beautiful purple flower looks like a large daisy and, in fact, is often called purple coneflower. It is known to help enhance the immune system and … Read more


Ashwagandha has been used in India for thousands of years and is helpful in treating memory problems as well as fatigue and impotence. In recent times, studies have shown that it is also a great herb to use to relieve stress. This herb is actually quite similar to Chinese Ginseng and is sometimes even called … Read more

Aloe Vera

Aloe is an interesting herb, not only because it can be used topically and internally but also because it’s also a beautiful plant. There are over 400 species of flowering succulents in the Aloe genus, and its medicinal uses date back to 1500 B.C. where the Egyptians used it to heal burns and infections and … Read more

Ginger Root

While you might associate ginger with cooking, ginger root is actually one of the most used herbs by traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners. This warming herb enhances circulation and is used to treat digestive orders as well as arthritis, motion sickness, headaches, respiratory tract infections, and even cardiovascular disease. This herb can help with vomiting … Read more

Container Herb Gardening Guide

Container herb gardening, indoor or outdoor, can be a rewarding hobby. With just a few supplies, and some attention, your container herb garden can thrive and you can begin enjoying the smells and tastes it has to offer. I can give you some pointers along the way and help your find the best supplies for … Read more

Windowsill Herb Garden

Making an own windowsill herb garden is a great idea, since you can simply snip some oregano or basil by only heading at your window. Most Popular Indoor Herbs Most of culinary herbs that are usually used in many recipes can easily be grown indoors as long as they get enough light and regular watering. … Read more